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Lending Partners

Alaska Housing Finance Corp (AHFC).  - affordable loans, weatherization programs and more for Alaskan residents.

HomeChoice Classes - homebuyer education through AHFC

Fannie Mae - government-sponsored mortgage loan investment company

Interior Regional Housing Authority - serves Interior villages through the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.

Why Use a Credit Union?

Credit Union members and the people in the community we serve come to Spirit of Alaska because we genuinely want you to succeed in the mortgage loan process. Our great loan officers help you explore your options and give advice on how to accomplish your home loan goals.

No Commissions

Our loan officers do not receive any incentives to sell any one program or rate because there are no commissions. Our goal is to close the loan for you that will best fit your financial needs.

Keeping Your Best Interest In Mind

In the volatile home-lending market, credit union loan officers can serve as safeguards, offering our members security, safety, and peace of mind. One of the loan officer's most important functions is escorting your loan application through the entire process, constantly patrolling the component transactions for possible breakdowns. Our mortgage team wade through the mountains of rate data and program options, researching current market conditions to find the most accurate and up-to-date information about cost-effective loan options.

Your Loan Officer Handles the Details!

There are thousands of variables that can affect the outcome of your mortgage transaction. That's why you need a loan officer to act as a liaison between the title and escrow company, real estate agent, lender, appraiser, credit agency, the underwriters, the processors, attorneys, and any other services which may affect your transaction.

Our Mortgage Team
In addition to your Loan Officer, our Mortgage Team is here to help:

  • Discuss and explains financing program options
  • Inform you, in writing, of lock-in options
  • Explain all documents of the loan application
  • Explain all associated costs of the loan application
  • Explain the disbursement of all loan applications
  • Explain the loan process, from application to closing
  • Provide you with a good faith estimate of cost and fees
  • Communicate with you throughout the loan process in a timely manner
  • Coordinate the final closing of your transaction
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